Community Development

  1. Building Inspection

    The Building Inspections division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of building codes, fire codes, and food establishment permits.

  2. Building Permits

    Get details about the permit process and what to submit.

  3. Construction Inspections

    The Construction Inspection Department is responsible for civil plan review and inspections of the city's infrastructure.

  4. Neighborhood Services

    Working as part of the Community Development team, the Neighborhood Services Specialist (NSS) will enforce city codes and ordinances, engage the community through attendance at Home Owner Association meetings, go door-to-door in commercial and industrial areas, and overall will be much more visible in a positive way in the community.

  5. Planning & Development

    The Planning Department provides development and land-use regulation and services through site plan review, permitting, planned developments, and planned commercial developments, and ensures that future land uses are consistent with the city’s Comprehensive Plan.