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Spring is in the air and so is the feeling of love. Love for this adorable girl, that is! Flower already knows the Sit command, takes toys gentle and is working on her leash manners. She is very smart and quick like a rabbit, which means she can maneuver her way out of her kennel. Therefore, Flower's family will have to have a secured backyard and be willing to apply the Stay command. But not to worry! With this little smarty pants, she will pick it up fast! If you're looking to grow your family, then Flower is the girl for you! Flower is roughly 45 pounds and 1.5 years old. Bonus: she likes to play dress up.



Murphy is a mover and a shaker! This wiggly boy can't stand still long enough for photos, but this 2 year old is bound to wiggle his way into your heart with his goofy expressions and love for food. Murphy enjoys all sorts of activities, including playing with his toys and going on fun adventures to new places. But his favorite activity is cuddling with his family. Could that family be you? 

Murphy (2)


Daisy suffers from E.C.O. = Excessive CUTNESS Disorder. E.C.O. is a plight that effects many dogs, yet most people are unaware of this. Side effects of E.C.O. include eskimo kisses, cuddling on the sofa and being super playful. Because of Daisy's ECO, she is unable to dislike others and she makes friends with everyone she meets. Daisy is a happy-go-lucky one year old, who is ready for a forever home of her very own!



When Coco isn’t modeling the latest trend, she is seen sun bathing with her friends and listen intently to stories of their day. She would love to join you for a picnic in the park during on a sunny afternoon or star gazing at night while you tell each other all your secrets. Coco is an affectionate 3-year-old, who is known to lean into you for love. She will weigh roughly 55 pounds once she fills out. 

Cats Available for Adoption

There are no cats available for adoption.