Posted on: October 19, 2017

Utility Billing Rates to Increase in November

Utility Rate Increase Web

In October, utility rates will see their first overall increase since 2013. The rate increases will be seen on utility bills issued after November 1, 2017, which are billed for October consumption. Water and sewer rates have increased by 10% from the previous fiscal year and trash and recycling rates have increased by 5% from the previous year. Why are the utility rates increasing? Simply, the cost of providing utility services to residents is increasing. For instance, trash and recycling services increase annually in January based on a formula that uses specific portions of the Consumer Price Index. In the past, the City has not passed this increase on to utility customers. For more information about the utility rates, we encourage all residents to visit www.cityofforney.org/utilitybills for more information about their bills and the Utility Billing Department.

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