Fire Alarm / Fire Sprinkler Permit Form

Unlike other permits, the Fire Alarm/ Fire Sprinkler Permit must still be paid through the Community Development and Fire Department. However, the steps are similar to other permits. The first involves filling out and completing the Fire Alarm/Sprinkler Permit Application. The second is to determine the system you will be installing and the price of the permit. The price of the Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler permit depends on the size of the system. To determine the price of your permit, businesses will need to check the Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler Fee Schedule.

To insure your permit is granted in the quickest time possible, please be sure to read all instructions and attach all necessary documents. Prior to being able to do business, all businesses must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. If you have any questions about this permit process, please feel free to call Community Development at 972.564.7381.

Required Documents include:
  • For commercial projects, submit 3 sets of plans and specifications.
  • A plot plan, for each copy of plans and specification must be submitted with all construction documents.