Swimming Pool Permit Form

There are two major steps in obtaining a swimming pool permit. The first involves filling and completing the Swimming Pool Permit Application along with the submission of all necessary plans and specifications through the Swimming Pool Permit Form. The second is paying the scheduled permit fee after the submitting the form. As of now, only spas, hot tubs, and above ground pools will be able to file for a permit online. Due to the different pricing structure, in-ground pools permits must still be applied at the Community Development Office, 101 E. Aimee St. 

To insure your permit is granted in the quickest time possible, please be sure to read all instructions and attach all necessary documents. Prior to being able to do business, all contractors must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

Required Documents include:
  • For residential projects, submit 2 sets of plans and specifications.
  • A plot plan, for each copy of plans and specification must be submitted with all construction documents.
  • For complete requirements, please read the Residential Permit Submittal Requirements document


RESIDENTIAL swimming pool FORM