Report Power Outage

Why does my power go out?

There are several reasons that power can go out, including small animals tripping circuits, issues with equipment, tree limbs on lines, etc. Your electricity blinks multiple times before a full outage because the system is programmed to automatically try to reset itself 3 times before the system shuts down and power goes out. 

Severe thunderstorms, with significant rainfall, lightning and high winds, can also lead to unavoidable power outages. During winter months, ice or snow storms can also create power interruptions when electric lines become weighed down by ice and disconnect or fall to the ground. No matter the season, we must all be prepared for what Mother Nature may bring our way. 

Often, utility crews are aware of outages as soon as they occur. Electricity providers have electrical systems that are set up to page crews when there is a malfunction. This expedites the process of assessing problems and making necessary repairs.

Residents can report power outages online. Below is a list of electricity providers in the City:


Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative

Farmers Electric Cooperative

Residents also have the Power to Choose their service provider. For more information, please visit