Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at the Animal Adoption Shelter offers residents the opportunity to utilize current skills, develop new skills, meet their neighbors and give back to their community.

Working under the supervision of the Animal Services staff, volunteers provide support and assistance. Volunteer opportunities may include working with cats and dogs, cleaning kennels and scooping litter, and exercising some animals.

Becoming a Volunteer

All volunteers must fill out both a terms and condition form, along with a waiver release and return the form to the Community Development front desk at 101 E Aimee Street. All volunteers will also have a background check performed by the Community Development department. Residents can download the Waiver Release (PDF) and Terms and Conditions (PDF) forms, from this page. We also ask that anyone interested in becoming a volunteer also fill out a volunteer application. Please turn in all forms filled out to the Community Development office at 101 E Aimee Street.


Please contact Animal Services at 972-564-7397. We are looking forward to working with you.