Volunteer Firefighters

 The City of Forney is seeking individuals to serve as volunteer firefighters on the Forney Fire Department (FFD). Historically, volunteer firefighters have played an integral role for the FFD. A firefighter, both paid and volunteered, performs emergency services and rescue activities including protection and safety of the community through prevention and control of fires. All firefighters are also asked to deal with trauma, sickness, tragedy and various emergency situations that many are unaccustomed too. 

Those are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, are asked to fill out the proper paperwork, which can be found below. All applications must be turned in by 5 p.m. on May 12. Applications will ONLY be accepted at the Utility Billing desk at City Hall, 101 E. Main St. Please read all documentation below!

Employment Documentation:

Volunteer Firefighter Cover Letter
Volunteer Firefighter Application Requirements
Fire Department Employment Application
City of Forney Firefighter Applicant Testing Procedure
City of Forney Firefighter Applicant Physical Agility Test