Building Inspection


Through the issuance of building permits and certificates of occupancy, the Building Inspections Division ensures that all structures within the city of Forney conform to adopted and accepted building codes and standards, ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the public through comprehensive reviews and inspections of all residential and commercial projects.

This division strives to ensure accessory structures, pools, fences and additions are safe and compliant. Building Inspections regulates and permits food establishments, mobile food vendors, special food events and fire protection systems to help safeguard the general public.


The Building Inspections Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of building codes, fire codes, and food establishment permits including mobile vendors and special events involving the representative operation and distribution of food related products.

This is accomplished through review of permit applications and plans, inspections of permitted construction and enforcement of energy and life health safety codes.

The Building Inspections Department is responsible for:
  • Reviewing all construction plans in a timely manner
  • Working with the development community through the review and permitting process
  • Providing assistance, responses, and clarifications on all building, health, and life safety code questions
  • Ensuring compliance with the adopted building codes and city ordinances
  • Continuing the improvement of the development process from the early planning stages through review, permitting, construction, and completion


The Building Inspection staff provides support to the Building Standards Commission and works collaboratively with the Community Development Department staff to achieve the goals of the department and the organization as a whole. The Building Inspections staff regularly works with Planning and Code Enforcement staff as the department’s focus encourages and promotes a team approach.

Building Inspections works with residential and commercial applicants on all new projects, remodels and renovations to existing structures to provide and promote compliance with all applicable building and safety codes along with applicable city ordinances.


The Building Inspection division strives for excellent public relations while ensuring compliance with all adopted building codes and ordinances. This department continues to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public by the enforcement of the codes for all construction and the removal of unsafe structures in order to provide a safe and suitable environment in the City of Forney.