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Special Events Request Form

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  2. Please complete this form to schedule an Event or Tournament.

  3. For a private event at the Forney Community Park Pavilion click the link below. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM!

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  6. Proposed Location of Event*

  7. Applications will not be accepted without detailed descriptions. Please include type of activities, parking, rides, food, canopies and tents, etc.

  8. Do you plan to have 3rd parties for booth / vending space?*

      1. Please upload an promotional materials above. (Including logos, flyers, posters etc.)

      2. Application Requirements

        • Certification of Insurance (if event is on city property)
        • Site Diagram (SERT will help with this drawing)

      3. Read the following and click the submit form button below to complete your application.

      4. I have read the rules, and agree to the terms.*

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