While preserving our parks and natural resources, the Parks and Recreation Department works towards improving the quality of life by developing and maintaining parks and recreation facilities for the citizens of Forney and by providing recreation and leisure activities.
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Bell Park

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  1. Fountain
  2. Gazebo
  3. Park Benches

Bell Park is located on the corner of Trinity Street and Bois D' Arc.

Features: bench seating, crushed granite trail, fountain, and gazebo. 

Only private rentals may be booked online.Special events that are open to the public require a Special Event Permit. For assistance securing a permit email abealsey@cityofforney.org

Facility comes as is. Tables, chairs or other amenities are not available through the City of Forney. Decoration is permitted as long as property and vegetation is not damaged. 

All Trash must be removed at the conclusion of the rental. 

Resident Fee = $20.00
Non-Resident Fee = $25.00
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